The fastest WordPress website in the world?

Time to first byte: 53ms | Fully loaded time: 156ms

Full speed ahead!

Ever since the internet was invented there have a constant desire to make things faster. The irony is that websites have got slower and slower. WordPress and other CMS platforms, despite all their greatness, are partly to blame. Large uploads, badly-coded plugins, over-bloated themes all contribute to slowness.

But is doesn’t have to be that way. We believe in light, efficiently-coded websites that generate a nice user experience.

And now Google is laying down the law… In their latest update coming this May, Google will penalise sites that don’t pass it’s Core Web Vitals test.

We can help speed up your website

We built this site to show we know our onions. We can help speed up your site, just get in touch with us at Canary Dwarf.